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The platform where consumer and business meet post-purchase to maximise value for both and build a meaningful relationship.
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5% increase in customer retention can lead to a profit boost of up to 95%
Build trust in your brand
Enable consumers to automatically save receipts, warranties and more in one secure app – no more lost documents.
Connect with customers
Increase revenue by offering personalised recommendations, services, and products that meet customer needs, based on data-driven insights on consumer shopping patterns.
Unlock second-hand market
Users easily transfer their Fryda product cards when selling, connecting you with second-hand consumers and expanding your market reach in the thriving pre-owned market.
Improve Product Lifecycle
Fryda offers features that promote a green approach. Display product sustainability info & encourage customers to repair, recycle, and extend the lifespan of their products.
Get more out of your sold products
After purchase, customers automatically store your product to Fryda, helping consumers save important purchase information like a receipt, or activate/extend a warranty. Fryda then offers the possibility to your business to send product specific offers, stay in contact with the product when it switches owner to unlock categorized and annonymized data that normally only is visible to 2ndhand platforms.
post-purchase experience
Building customer loyalty sucks. But it's essential for business success. Your existing customers are your best ones. Yet, post-purchase connections are usually via email, which is cluttered and ignored. Transform the way you connect with customers with Fryda.
sustainable transparency
Part of the EU Green Deal is that consumer facing brands will need to start adhering to the Digital Product Passport requirements as per 2023. From sharing environmental to material information, to offering refurbish and recycle services. The Fryda platform will allow you to share and offer all of this.
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Is the Fryda app available for Android?
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Is the Fryda app available for Android?
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Is the Fryda app available for Android?
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Is the Fryda app available for Android?
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